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Spread the Longmonster Love 

Longmonsters card front.png
Longmonsters card back.png

Check Here for the growing list of where you might snag

this year's Valentine. 

300 Suns Brewing

Bricks Retail

Deluxe Barbers


This February, we are on a mission to showcase ALL of Longmont’s locally owned businesses through our 2nd Annual Spread the #longmonsterlove Valentine’s Day campaign!

Why are we doing this?

Our goal is to celebrate the diverse Longmont Small Business Community and encourage shopping small and local with intentionality all year long. The love felt on Small Business Saturday should extend well past 24 hours!  

Receiving a "kinda" cheesy small Valentine is just a small way to bring our wonderful community a little closer and bring a smile.   Share your Longmonster love story if you choose #longmonsterlove 

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